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Warehouse Storage in Saskatoon

Xtracare Movers offers the best secured Warehouse Storage in Saskatoon!

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Moving requires countless hours of planning. This consists of thinking of every possible scenario you may face during the moving process. Even when everything seems to be going right something can be thrown your way disrupting your move. One problem we see happen more often than not is when customers are faced with inadequate room for some of their belongings in their new place. That is why we offer warehouse storage services as your temporary storage solution.

Our warehouse storage services can accommodate all your storage needs. When storing your belongings with Xtracare Movers, you can rest easy knowing your belongings are secured in one of Saskatoon’s best protected storage facilities. With our warehouse storage you will have the benefits of having the best storage solution for your belongings that include:

  • Government inspected facilities
  • Climate-controlled environment
  • Top of the line security cameras
  • Personal access code
  • Available storage units if requested

Protected Storage Service in Saskatoon

Our warehouse storage facility is the perfect option for storing your belongings when you need the extra space for some of your belongings. Whether you are a resident who is downsizing to a smaller place or a business looking to store office equipment during a renovation, Xtracare Movers can help.

Our warehouse storage facilities are safe and secure, so you can rest easy knowing that all your belongings will be protected and accounted for during your relocation. Our warehouse staff works tirelessly to keep our facilities clean and meet the highest standards for safety. Our years of experience storing our customer’s items for them have taught us the proper way to handle other’s belongings. We practice the best item organizing and storage methods.

Time shouldn’t be a problem when moving into your new place. We can work around your schedule and accommodate to any circumstance you request. We store your belongings regardless of the duration. So, whether it is short or long-term we can hold onto your valuables until you have the necessary room or find a location for them.

Convenient Storage Locations

Is There Warehouse Storage Near Me?The answer is yes! Other warehouse storage options throughout Saskatoon lack convenient locations. Our warehouse storage facility is easily accessible for all residents and businesses in the Saskatoon area. With multiple locations all varying in warehouse size, we store your belongings at the location that is most convenient for you. When we store your belongings, we are not taking them to a out of town location. Our warehouse storage facilities are located in your own backyard. This makes it easy to deliver your belongings the minute you are ready to have them back.

We separate ourselves from our competition because we are transparent with our customers. We answer any questions or concerns you may have. We ensure our customers that their items are being monitored and protected by our professional warehouse storage staff. You will always know the condition of your valuables when storing them through us. To us, inventory management is one of the highest priorities for keeping our customer’s valuables organized and safe from damage. Nothing will ever be lost or broken.

Store your belongings with Xtracare Movers today! We have the best Saskatoon storage at your disposal!

When planning your next local or long-distance move, ask your moving coordinator about our warehouse storage services. We have the Xtra space when you need it most. Contact us today at (403) 452-9653 for further detail on our warehouse storage services.

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Skip the guesswork! Include some information about your upcoming move to get a free estimate.