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Specialty Movers

Specialty Moving Services in Calgary

Xtracare Movers has the best Specialty Moving services in Calgary!

Certain items are just to difficult to move on your own. Luckily, Xtracare Movers can do the heavy lifting for you. We offer specialized moving services to all residents and businesses in the Calgary area. Xtracare Movers has the necessary equipment for secure transportation of any specialty needs.

Xtracare Movers has professional movers who are trained in transporting specialty items. With our extra padding and protection, your valuables will be delivered to your destination damage free. We also take the extra step in protecting your old and new home from any damage that can be caused by the move. Our home protection kits also will prevent your home from any possible damages that can be caused by transporting specialty items.

Moving Specialty Items

You should always hire a moving company to move your specialty items for you. Without the knowledge and proper equipment for transporting these objects, you are putting yourself at risk for potential injury. Trying to move specialty objects yourself could also result in damage to your valuables or home. Before you make the choice to move your specialty items consider hiring the professionals that can get the job done right. If you choose us for your local or long-distance move, we can offer all types of specialty moving services that could be beneficial to you.

Professional Specialty Movers

Xtracare Movers takes all the precautionary steps in making your specialty move a success. We have the equipment and expertise needed for transporting just about any item you may have. Your specialty items will be in good hands with us. With our specialty moving services you can be confident in knowing your belongings will arrive safely and damage-free.

When moving with us ask your moving coordinator about our specialty moving services. We are proud of our customer service and can answer any questions you have. We know not every move is the same which is why we structure our specialty moving services around you and your requests. We ensure that when you choose Xtracare Movers for your specialty move, you will have a satisfied moving experience. Fill out our online form today for a free moving quote. Of you have and questions or would like further detail on the specialty moving services we provide feel free to contact us or call at (403) 452-9653.

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Skip the guesswork! Include some information about your upcoming move to get a free estimate.