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Office Moving Checklist

Commercial Moving Checklist

Office Moving Checklist

Are you preparing to relocate your Calgary office? A move of any size can be difficult to prepare for, let alone a commercial move. Between making sure everyone is on the same page and protecting your valuable electronics and documents, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.

However, we have good news! As one of the best office moving companies in Calgary, we have learned the most important steps and actions you can take to relieve some of the stress.

The key is to have everything but the heavy lifting done before moving day. In order to accomplish that, you’ll need stellar communication, good foresight and a collective effort from your team.

1. Planning Ahead

Chess Board

(~6 months ahead)

As stated above, the most important step in any commercial move is staying ahead of progress. It allows you the space of mind to keep up with business practices and provides extra time for any mishaps or miscommunications.

Create an outline of things you want to accomplish ahead of the move, and set a deadline for each item.

2. Delegate a Moving Team

Hands In

(~4-6 months ahead)

Rather than having all your employees run around on moving day like chickens with their heads cut off, create a moving committee comprised of a few employees ahead of the move. Assign each of them different tasks and roles and have them deliver weekly reports.

Moving such a large operation, no matter the size of your business, requires a lot of teamwork. Depending on your employees to figure it out on their own is the last thing you want.

3. Find the Best Calgary Office Movers

Moving Truck

(~4-6 months ahead)

When searching for office movers in Calgary or office movers in Saskatoon, be sure to do plenty of research. Most business relocation services will provide free estimates (it is a red flag if they don’t). Will they move you after hours or on a Saturday?

Act as if you are interviewing the moving companies. Ask pointed questions and use your gut if you feel a company is being dishonest or evasive.

How to Find the Best Calgary Movers

4. Notify IT Department ASAP

IT Moving

(~4-6 months ahead)

Your IT department will be extremely time-sensitive when it comes to your move. Ensure that you give them at least 2-3 months to prepare your servers and electronics for the move.

You might also want to let them scout your new office location to ensure that it has all the necessary cables and extensions.

5. Scout the New Location

Searching for Location

(~3-4 months ahead)

It’s best to have a full-scope of your move as you are preparing and packing. Take a few employees to your new office. Develop an arrival plan for move-in day. Understand the building codes regarding moving in (loading and unloading area, times to move, etc.). Develop a floor plan.

By doing all of this, you will be able to develop a more efficient packing strategy. Determine which items you can donate or throw away and what purchases you need to make for your new office.

6. DIY Packing

Office Moving Boxes

(~2-3 months ahead)

Whether you hire a local moving company in Calgary or not, packing your items of lesser importance prior to your move will end up saving you time and money.

Take an inventory of all the items that you are going to move to your new office. It helps to look at items as “essential” vs. “non-essential”, meaning whether or not they are essential to your day-to-day operations.

Once you have a list of non-essential items, you can begin to slowly move into your new office.

7. Plan for Business Interruptions

Coffee Cup

(~1-2 months ahead)

The worst thing you can do is just wing it. Develop a strategy for keeping employees, customers, vendors, suppliers and partners updated on the upcoming move.

Schedule client meetings and deadlines with the move date in mind. Also, be sure to contact your service and utility providers to cancel or transfer your services.

8. Diligent Packing

Moving a Desk

(~1 month ahead)

Most of the heavy lifting will occur during the month of your move. We highly recommend investing in proper packing supplies for all your office equipment. Label all your items as thoroughly as possible, and even color code your boxes if you are a larger operation.

It works best if you have your team each pack up their own desk. Provide some office moving tips for employees and try to avoid having to move all your filing cabinets. We recommend making digital copies of all your documents.

9. Electronics Packing

Moving Computers

(~1 week ahead)

As you get closer to your moving day, you can start developing a plan to move your sensitive items such as computers and office furniture. Before starting to pack away electronics, purge old data when necessary and recycle any electronics that are not going to make the move.

We also recommend moving your computer equipment in personal vehicles. As reliable as some moving services are, one small bump in the road could result in thousands of dollars’ worth of electrical damage.

10. Moving Day

Calendar Date

By taking the necessary steps leading up to your move, you have set yourself up for a stress-free moving day. Make sure there is plenty of communication between your employees and the moving company. Have someone at your new office to direct the movers where items and boxes should go.

11. Celebrate!


Take some time to unwind and enjoy your new office. Moving an entire business can be a taxing experience for everyone involved. As a “thank you” to your employees, try to set aside some money as part of your moving budget to throw a welcome party at your new office.

It doesn’t have to be the greatest party of the year, just a way of showing your appreciation and making memories in your new office.

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